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Hi,I am ArthurProfessor / Web Developer
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Development with Components, most used stacks, mobile first and performance careful
  • Reactive and functional development with ReactJS, TypeScript and Jest for unit testing (TDD), thus providing a more reliable code and easy maintenance.
  • CSS code using otimizations and conventions, like SASS and BEM.
  • Server rendering with Next.js.
  • All commits with my git workflow and messages with commit conventions.
  • Continuos Integrations with CircleCI or another one.
  • Beautiful designs
  • And many stuffs...
A piece of my story
I was born in Barbacena, Brazil, I was an underresourced young that studied in public schools without much life perspective. I was a nerd, nothing popular, but had a dream, study and work with embedded systems and I would like to do Computer Technician or Automation (embedded systems). In Barbacena, there was no course about embedded systems like automation and I don't knew that there was a course technical in informatics. Furthermore, no one teacher believed in me or another student from my class. And I don't have money to live in another city.
Life was not easy, but I wanted to change my life, I hated that situation.
Then I discovered Internet Systems graduation course, which I tried in, but I'm failed. In the next year, I tried again, tried Computer Technician and Internet Systems, in my city, and I'm passed in both. I do not knew, yet at this moment my life never would be the same. In the graduation course, I studied every day, tried to be better, the best. I sacrificed my social life to study because I believed which this was the path. I created games before other students and without no one teacher's request.And you know the reason I made these games? I loved programming, I loved to create things, I love learning and I love growing up. In the third college semester, after reading almost the whole Java How to Program book, I got an internship with Mobile Development, and I knew one thing: 'Nothing will stop me'.
I can learn what I want.
I did another internship, projects, and other stuff. Technology changes my life and today I'm glad for all my actions in the last years.And now... Are we going to change a great number of lives through Technology?
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Already developed projects, courses and I helped hundreds of students
+5Amazing projects
+6Years of development
+5Courses on YouTube
+200Impacted students
+7Years teaching
+40Lessons on YouTube
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I know a lot of things and technologies, mainly from the JavaScript ecosystem
{ Posts }
I write about technologies, mainly developing ecosystem.
{ Courses }
I'm changing the world with computing content, mainly web development.
{ Books }
I'm making learning programming easier and more accessible.
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